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You did it!
With your help and support, the campaign "Myre - The Beginning of a Journey", has reached 100% today!!!
Thank you so much! You are truly making dreams come true!

Since I keep receiving questions about how it will go on, as there are still 48 days left:
Yes! You can still claim all perks enlisted in the campaign. You can get your hands on exclusive and limited perks
such as "Wings of Myre" and "The Dragon Rider" and of course all other perks to claim your personal rewards.
You can still become a part of this amazing project and have your name printed in the books!

Check out the campaign here:

Q. Will the items of your perks be available in your online shop afterwards?

No, all items included in this campaign, except for the graphic novel series of Myre, won't be available in my shop.
All prints, add ons, cards and special editions of the comics are available only through Indiegogo.

Q. Do I have to worry about shipping now?

Not at all; You can claim your perk and proceed with the amount you chose. Shipping payments will be made after
the campaign has ended and the items are ready to be shipped.

We will be also adding stretch goals with nifty rewards to you in the next couple of days!
Do you have more questions? Don't hesitate to ask!


For more than a year, I have been planning to give my dream a go but real life tied my hands,
then some months ago, I starterd working to go towards realising this particular dream
and for the past three weeks, I have been working day and night to share it with you.

Three days ago, when my crowdfunding campaign to help support me focus on the creation of my
graphic novel project, called "Myre", was launched, it reached over 60% within less than
24 hours! I hoped that the perks I offered would be well received but this was truly one of
the most amazing experiences I have ever made. You give me the feeling that you believe
in me and like what I create. In spite all the years it took for me to set the final step to make
this happen, you never stopped rooting and hoping for me.

I wanted to walk, but you gave me wings to fly.

If you haven't seen the crowdfunding page of "Myre" yet, please take a look here:

I don't know how to express my gratitude towards you but all I can say for now is, you guys totally rock!
You make large dreams come true and you never cease to mezmerise the world.
Every little support, whether it is financial by claiming perks or sharing and spreading the word about this,
means the world to me. I am also so happy to announce my wonderful team of editors, who help me
make this story of "Myre" become real. If you have some minutes and you feel curious, read
the information on the crowdfunding page. You will find some exclusive perks that won't be available
after the campaign has ended.

You will be able to be the first to hold the first edition of the graphic novel in your hands and have
your name printed in the books. Get some rare collectors' items, cards and be a part of a fun radio show
hosted by 2, The Ranting Gryphon.
You are a part of this dream and I will do everything to make you happy as your happiness makes me
feel accomplished.

If you are watching the campaign and you want immediate updates about its progress, perks and
future stretch goals, make sure you follow me on Twitter:

For those who are not in the position to
fund the campaign financially, you can help me spread the word by liking, sharing and RT a link to
your social media channels. If you use the direct Indiegogo share tools, I will be able to see who helped
and have some amazing goodies to reward your support! :)
I will keep you updated on regular basis here as well now. The past few weeks have involved quite
a ton of work. But what wouldn't you do to take your ideas out of your mind to share them with the
world? :)

Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for helping me realise this dream!
All the love!

Become a part of a dream in the making! My "MYRE" graphic novel kickstarter is finally online! - > 

68 deviants said I can't back this campaign, I have no money. :/ (But you can share by using the Indiegogo share tools, and get something nifty!)
36 deviants said I already checked! :D
15 deviants said I already checked and shared it! (If you share, you will get some goodies from me!)
10 deviants said I already checked, and backed! o/


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Rowanfur Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I had a dream about sketching a picture of your Plant Spirit character... Just felt like telling you. I might try to sketch it if that would be okay with you.
AlectorFencer Featured By Owner 1 day ago
This is so sweet! <3 If you feel inspired to do something, go for it. :)
PhantasmalGuardian Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I wanna ask something. About the "Myre's Journey" perk, what does the "can be used as an add-on" part means, and how much is the shipping cost?(Considering that I might misread/misunderstand stuff)
AlectorFencer Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hello! Thank you for your interest in supporting the Myre crowd funding project. The add-on means that you can buy other perks that don't include certain items, such as the single "Haunter of Dreams" and simple put the difference of 35€ with your pledge. You would receive Haunter of Dreams and the first volume of Myre for less than the options that the other perks come with. That perk is for those who only want to have the pure comics and nothing else. Of course you will get access to the blog and the radio show as well. :)
Myre's Journey will be also autographed by the entire team. :)

Lovely regards!
Cifer-2 Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago
Hey Alector,
ich weiß nicht, ob du schon darüber nachgedacht hast, aber schau vielleicht mal, ob du Myre nicht auf Shut Up And Take My Money untergebracht bekommen könntest.
Die Crowdfunding-Sendung beschäftigt sich in erster Linie mit Gaming-Projekten, hat aber AFAIK auch schon Graphic Novels und anderes aus der Fantasy-/SciFi-/Nerd-Ecke vorgestellt.
Cifer-2 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
(Bei Bedarf könnte ich die Moderatorin dieses Wochenende mal darauf ansprechen)
AlectorFencer Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hast du meine Note bekommen? :)
Cifer-2 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Jup, hab ich bekommen - hatte zuerst hier den Profilkommentar hinterlassen und danach dir die Note geschrieben.
Ich seh mal zu, dass ich das morgen auf der Convention anspreche.
Blossomtheleaderppg Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
your artwork is soo amazing!!
Zenion-Infinitium Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  New member Student Writer
Love your work
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