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October 5, 2006
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Draco Lupus by AlectorFencer Draco Lupus by AlectorFencer
Autumn is coming and the time starts to wrap myself into warm piles of pillows and drink black tea which Honey after having a walk outside, watching the leaves falling down and looking at the wonderful warm colours of the trees. Next to summer, the autumn is one of my most favourite seasons.
This picture was more or less random. I didnít really have a clear concept for it, just the creature in my head and what the fur structure will be. The pose and the background happened spontaneous in the end. Lol
I wanted to see what a mixture of dragon and wolf would look like in relationship with the autumn. Result was this drawing. It looks kinda, as if the dragon jumps out of the forest or above the treetops and takes the leaves with. But it should be a part of the body to bind this kind of dragon with autumn.
The fact that it jumps to the left gives a feeling of freedom and the movement of the fur shows a slight wind blowing towards it.
I really enjoyed working on this picture because I havenít drawn patterns and versatile little details for ages.
Does it seem that I currently work on a dragon series and didnít tell this to anyone? Hmm, I think I noticed it for myself after I finished this picture. :XD:
BTW, I tried to draw the second paw but it looked really dumb in all positions, believe me. Thatís why it has just one paw in this picture. I hope you like it anyway.
Have fun looking. ^^

Graphite on Bristol. The detail took me most time but I canít remember how long.
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Lawlfox Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Such beautiful movement in this piece!
Fantastic design! :heart:
Ahh! very dynamic.
I love it!
I am guessing you take Latin, since many of your drawings have Latin-related names? Nice work by the way, and maybe sometimes you could draw a winged wolf?
choke-ice Jan 11, 2009  Hobbyist
Love the name dude really clever
Lupusaurus ftw!
Gairyuki333 Sep 17, 2007
Freakin awesome! That's how a dragon-wolf hybrid should look
that's a super neat looking creature =3
wundervolle arbeit ^^ ist das bleistift ?
darkMyke Dec 5, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very, very nice stuff. I just love all the tiny hairy, swirls and all the details of the mane, as well as the "facial" expression of the dragonwolf...really scary and absolutely authentic. If there would be a real creature, a mix out of Dragon and Wolf, I could really imagine that it would look like that.

Again, I'm impressed...but obviously, I'm not a painter at all and have no advanced commentary to offer. Just my personal opinion.
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