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October 21, 2012
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Dragons of Incense - Styrax by AlectorFencer Dragons of Incense - Styrax by AlectorFencer
~Edit: I changed the colour setting more to make everything encompassing Styrax more convincing for myself. :)
Thank you for the support! ~

Dragons of Incense - Styrax

"Styrax: Heavy yet sweet, dark and mysterious. It is one of the most important incenses in general. It was devoted to the dark godess Hekate, the mistress of all witches and enchantresses and the godess of all magical and toxic plants. The shamans of the Maya have used Styrax to treat leprosy.
As an incense, Styrax repels insects and flies. Besides that, it strengthens your self confidence and gives you positive energy and feelings. It releases you from emotional tensions, clears out hysteria and paranoia and works harmonising against irritation and anger."


Styrax personally is one of my most favourite incenses. Its heavy sweet yet flowery scent is in strong contrast from the actual metallic look that the resin has. I've always had a fascination about incense and the beautiful atmosphere it can create. One could always find incense sticks or small floral copper bowls with resins and plants in my home. Whenever I came back from a journey, I lit charcoal and a selected mixture of herbs in a small bowl to announce my arrival. It's something I always loved doing. ;D
Having incense makes me feel creative and at home.

Dragons have always fascinated me, so the idea was to merge those two fascinations to one to find out, if my vision matches my olfaction.

This is the first step of resurrecting an idea I had back in 2008 when I started designing dragons correlating plants and resins that we know as incense. I will design roughly 21 different dragons that each features plants and their distinctive scent and effect. This project is supposed to lead you through a very different olfactory journey whereas my own nose is my direct collaborator.

And there we go, it's back on its feet and planned thoroughly to actually make it into a book presenting all dragons in printed form. :] So, keep your eyes open!

Thank you so much for the support and looking! <3

Have a look at the first version of Styrax in 2008


For unreleased artwork and photos, join me on Facebook! [link]

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