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September 15, 2006
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Sensitivity II by AlectorFencer Sensitivity II by AlectorFencer
Another picture about the species Parvus Scolopendra. There is something, which I call "addiction" because I really enjoy drawing them and their abnormality. Sensitivity II shows the back of the creature in a quite femals position.
Not only the head is transparent and covered with a membrane like jelly-fish skin. The back is one of the most important characteristic of the Parvus Scolopendras.

Sensitive and vulnerable, the creature's shoulderblades are covered by a row of spikes. Something that makes the content of the picture dubious.

When I started drawing the face, I thought that I won't continue it. The inspiration was there but not the motivation. After I reached the back part of the head and the first arm, I unconditionally wanted to finish that picture. The more I came to the end of the drawing, the more detail I wanted to put in.

In the end, it took me 3 hours to draw. Rubber was used for the transparent part of the head and a part of the back. I currently have the fetish to start my pictures as final drawings on bristol board. It's a challenge for me, which I actually like. It's funnier than tracing the lines after scribbling on normal paper.

Have fun.
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metalartist2 Jun 19, 2011  Student Interface Designer
This is so cool man. Awesome!
Nurak Jan 19, 2009
asdfdgjfglk :noes:
Da wollt ich doch jetzt nur deine älteren pics durchwuseln um bei der poll ne ehrliche Meinung abgeben zu können und dann find ich das hier. XD;
Das hier... ist einfach nur toll, mir fehlen echt die Worte. D: Die Bewegung, die Pose, Anatomie... hast du alles supergeil hinbekommen. Und dieses design find ich auch echt stark.
Und was die Frage angeht, weswegen ich urspünglich ertsmal hier gelandet bin xD, jaaaaaaaa. Auf jeden Fall. :D *wieder davonhusch*
Mokinzi Jun 18, 2008   General Artist
oh, I love all the details in this one!!! And her hands and expression ar amazing... Just a beautiful picture :heart:
Thanks so much! ^^
*late* (Sorry. ;) *kiss*)

This one's very damned good, but I'll bet it was hard to get the posture right - Something that caught my eye when I first looked at it. :) The design is amazing and her expression really tops it off - From the viens, to the skin markings, to her membranes and the spikes on her back. Those fins and those long fingers are cool too. :) You have a fantastic imagination, Claudi. . .

But wait, wouldn't she accidently spike those membranes or fins on her own thorns, if she tilts her head back far enough or move her arm the wrong way? :P Hehe. *nuzzles* Guess that's why they're pointing downwards.

3 hours, though? :P I know you're capable of doing many things in such a short ammount of time when you have the right motivation, but when you create something really impressive like this, it never stops making me amazed. . . Wow.
Argh. I need to take myself more time to reply on comments, especially on ones like this. :blush:
It's their own faults when they spike themselves on the back. :XD:
Nah, she doesn't even have the chance to it because those are too short and one knows the own body too well to avoid happenings like this. Many people find high facial expression really scary but that's what I like on these creatures. They don't need to be pleasuing for the human's eye (if they were real) ;).
Thanks again for this my darling. I know, you already commented on this over MSN but it's nice seeing it as a constant comment here. :)
thedancingemu Sep 16, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
awsome, i love the look in her eyes. great design.
Thank you. I really had my time with designing this. i think this species is finished now and I can open a new chapter. oh wait, a coloured version is still in progress. ;)
thedancingemu Sep 28, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
cant wait to see the colored version.
Very nice creature. I especially like how you did the fingers as well as her head tail thing. It really has that aquatic feeling.
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