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I totally do, and I already started at my gallery folder buttons! There are so many ideas yet so little time to find out how to implement them. :0

Usually I'm quite a loner when it comes to learning something new but my time became more sparse over the years, I would take ages to revamp my page here. I wonder, if anyone of you can help me come up with suggestions how to put an idea into CSS skins for my DA front page and gallery folders. :>

I know a little about CSS and could learn about it quite well but I don't seem to dip my head into it at the moment, and the more I look at my page the more I have the wish to give it more "punch", to make it prettier. :D

Thank you all so much for the feedback on my first dragon illustration for "Dragons of Incense". If all goes well,I shall have the book ready by late spring next year and it will come with lush colourful prints, explainations, scribbles and thoughts. All packed with dragon goodness. :D

:bulletorange: Also, keep in mind that there is still a chance to get yourself or someone else a Christmas present by purchasing the limited Print and CD by Fox Amoore and myself!
The print itself is double sided sturdy card with a matte finish for extra vibrance. The CD includes five beautifully composed tracks by Fox Amoore.

Still 10% off and not many left!

If you don't know where to go, find the link here: Story Time by AlectorFencer and :thumb331571334: for extra information.

Thank you for your support <3


Wed Oct 10, 2012, 2:05 AM

Is not a lie. I have it. *noms*

Back from everything, and back to work on commissions. Thank you all for the patience with me <3
Will update my journal again soon. This is just a placeholder for now.

I have all sketch homework from EF ready, scanned and will send them to you this evening.
I finished all the sketches I had to finish at EF but couldn't find the commissioners afterward.
Everyone, who won one of the door sign auctions will as well get contacted by me shortly.

Expect me to become more active in the art community now. Hopefully I can feature many awesome artists again and make more question/redline corners for my support to you. Perhaps I will be streaming traditional painting soon as well. :)
Many more projects are in the making too. :)

I will keep you updated. <3

You can follow my Facebook page to see work in progress shots and some images I probably won't upload here or in any other gallery: ~>

So far so good,
see you around


Thu Jun 28, 2012, 7:53 AM

Actually I haven't been away so much really, just turned very inactive lately because of all the conventions that I attended from the beginning of May till now.

Since earlier this year I've been preparing for three conventions at once while working on commissions and private projects. I'm sorry for my absence and also for the big list of notes that I haven't yet managed to reply to. My life is very busy at the moment and I tavel around a lot.

The days seem to pass so quickly as well! As soon as I get up and work, time is running me away and I'm desperately trying to get all my other things done. Notes and comments therefore come very short. Thank you for your patience with me, and thank you even more for the ongoing support on my artwork. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

I still love this page, I love this community, and I will try my best to become more active here, for my friends and for artists. :)

~ Your Alector

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.

Everything has been settled. The book is at printing and should arrive here in no time!

Red Lantern - The Backgrounds is a collection of all background illustrations and landscape concepts of the renowned comic "Red Lantern - The Crimson Divine" by Rukis and AlectorFencer and includes 45 pages of full backgrounds, concepts, huge spread pages and full bleed comic pages that reveal you the world of the Shanivaar Islands where the story takes place.

The folio is a high quality printed (8 x 11 inch) on 170 g/m² thick paper, so quite a sturdy thick folio with lush colourful quality prints!

Examples for the printed artwork in the book are here:

Harkalla District by AlectorFencer   Red Lantern - Armada by AlectorFencer

(both are printed as two page full bleed spreads)

The collection is according to the storyline of the first comic book, in chronological order for you to follow the places and roam through them, as if you entered the place yourself.
For this big collection and for a limited time, you will have now the opportunity to purchase your copy at 15% discount.

:bulletgreen: Please follow the link to my shop:…

-->There is no registration required for purchasing items from my shop (in case some worry)
The discount happens with the order!

The books will be safely wrapped up for a secure and quality shipping!

:bulletorange:Notification on those who already ordered this book before the offer::bulletorange:

Thank you very much for ordering! Don't worry! You will get your discount, too! =D
You will shortly receive an email and your 15% discount back from me!


For questions about the book, ask here or drop me a note! :)

Thank you very much!

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.

GOH at Zodiacon and more cons in 2012

Thu Apr 5, 2012, 10:37 AM

Thanks to the awesome staff members and features I have been selected as Guest of Honour at Zodiacon - The Sky Is Falling and look forward to go there!

There is still loads of space left and registrations are still open too! The location is surrounded by the lovely nature near the Seč dam, all part of the protected landscape area Železné hory/ Iron Mountains, so loads to see and explore, if you plan to stay a little longer. I will even take my mum along for some couple of calming days, get to know more people and relax. :>
This con is stuffed with lovely and friendly people, is loated in one of the most beautiful landscapes whilst staying very affordable, too!

You can meet me there as well as at: Mephit Mini Con, Confuzzled, BerliCon, ScotiaCon and Eurofurence!

So plenty of chances to stumble across my path.
I will also have some nice stuff to be taken along with me, but I will put a light on it later. :)


Whilst being so scatterbrained I totally missed out something. You might have noticed that I took down the Artbook of the official Red Lantern Backgrounds for now because I didn't come up with a proper preorder offer. In a couple of days I will be rolling open the books again, whilst coming up with some nice offers for you. The ones who have already ordered "Red Lantern - The Backgrounds" will of course take part of the offer, too!!!


Thank you so much for everything <3

Visit my store on Storenvy

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.

Be one of the 100 to get a high quality collectable pack of "The Secret World by Fox Amoore and myself, more info is below.

Between two worlds
only one the mind can find
beyond the wall
it formed and shined
within the rays of light
all the dreams unfurled
so step beyond the veil
into the Secret World.


Presenting the highly praised musical and artistic joint venture of Fox Amoore and AlectorFencer. This was their first collaboration together, and now it's available as a limited (100) edition EP CD and A3 high quality print. Only available here whilst stocks last. It will not be available anywhere else!

Please go here to get your own limited collectable. There are only 100 available!!!

This is what you get:

The CD features:

- The original song in CD quality format.
- An unreleased Piano solo edition.
- An unreleased beta edition.
- A full preview track of his next album for 2012, "Blitz". (First listen before anyone else!)
- Each CD individually numbered and signed by Fox Amoore.
- Fully professional printed CD body and front cover artwork.
- Comes in a slimline jewel case CD for better protection.
- Only 100 will ever be produced, perfect for collectors.
- Posted in a bubblewrapped parcel for safe delivery.
- A highly collectable and rare item to add to your Fox Amoore collection.

The Print Features:

- Large A3 sized, professionally and vibrantly printed on both sides.
- Each print will be individually numbered and signed by Alector Fencer.
- Only 100 prints will ever be produced, highly collectable and rare.
- Comes in a highly protected A3 book parcel to ensure quality delivery.
- A highly collectable and rare item to add to your Alector Fencer collection.

Please go here to get your own limited collectable. There are only 100 available!!!

If you have more questions, please drop me a note! :)

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.

Devious Journal Entry

Thu Jan 26, 2012, 8:42 AM

Thank you ever so much for all the interest! I'm going to respond to all remaining notes as soon as possible! <3

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.

Commission slots - "Monochrome Beauty"

Tue Jan 17, 2012, 10:03 AM

I want to get into the flow of traditional painting and swing the brush over paper to create painterly effects over sketches and have fun experimenting with your look.

Beautiful Monochromes is a little deviation from digital painting and to create a row of greyscale drawings, slightly washed pencil stokes and subtle highlights to bring your character alive on paper yet trying to create something dreamy.

The drawings will be created on sturdy smooth watercolor paper whih you could as well hold in your hands or put against your wall.

I am open for 10 slots. One monochrome painting is offered for 30 Euro and can optionally be sent to you.  :)

Please drop me a note if you are interested. :]

Thank you <3

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.

How could I not write a resumée of 2011 yet? Somany things happened and I have to mention so many awesome people and friends but I haven't come around to it yet.
Therefore for now, I hope you had a wonderful and happy start into the new year, 2012! May you be creative, healthy and happy!

I'm starting the year with a lovely offer right away:

There are still wonderful Rare Anthro Calendars left which seek a beautiful wall to present their amazing artwork of 13 artists who dedicated their passion and endeavour to realise this project.
I took a picture of the calendars I have here:…

And you can find more information about the artwork and the artists of the calendar here:…

"This 12-month calendar features 13 anthropomorhised
creatures from various myths and legends, including
unique cover art and full page centerfold done by
13 amazing artists. It is rated G for general audiences. "

My offer is to include an A3 print or two A4 prints of your choice for free!

Check out the print gallery here:


:bulletgreen: A4:…

All in all, the price (including shipping) is 18 € (EUR)

Please give me a poke via note, if you want to make your walls more colourful. ^^

Thanks a lot! <3

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.

I wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas, a lot of love, warmth, cookies and happiness. :)

Enjoy your Holidays. <3

Also, thanks a lot for everyone who bought prints. I sent them off weeks ago but some of them seem to be on their way still, which is probably due to the crazy Christmas business the post has to deal with. At the post office they sent me around because of the mass of parcels, letters and packets I had. The queue there wasn't much clearer as everyone had at least a huge packet with them.

Nevertheless most of the prints arrived safe and sound at their owner's. Please let me know whenever you receive yours. <3

PLUS I now have a Tumbrlrlrlrll account! ---->> alectors-organic-matter.tumblr…

Have fun!

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.

Christmas Print Sale Ends in 3 Days!

Mon Dec 12, 2011, 10:47 AM

The Christmas Print Sale offer ends in three days at the 15th of December, to make sure all prints arrive before Christmas! :]
See the pictures below to find out what you like to have in your collection.

Thank you to all who ordered prints! <3

Everything is set up for the Winter/christmas Print sale I wanted to make this year and it comes with great offers!

As winter time and Christmas time is approaching, there is a chance to make colourful gifts to brighten up the snowy and grey winterly days. :]

I have high quality prints in two different formats:

:bulletgreen: A3 (29,7 x 42,0 cm/ 11,7 x 16,5 inch) prints on thick sturdy paper! Each large A3 print is only 6 € ($ 8)

:bulletgreen: A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm/ roughly 8 x 11 inch) matte full bleed prints and some glossy prints. Each A4 print is only 4 € (roughly $ 5)

My special winter/Christmas offer is:

- Early Bird offer! The first ten orders will get a mini sketch of their character for free, if they reach an amount of 15 €!

- Permanent offer for everyone: Buy 4 A3 prints, get 1 free A4 print!

Ordering is simple, please send me a note including the numbers of prints you would like to purchase. The available prints are in the image below, each market ith their individual number.

Shipping costs are not included in the offer.
International shipping is € 8.00 - Europe wide is € 6.50  and Germany is € 4.00

The prints will be packed safely and protected to prevent any damages.




I hope you find something you like <3
Thank you!

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.

Christmas Print Sale! <3

Wed Nov 23, 2011, 10:27 AM

Everything is set up for the Winter/christmas Print sale I wanted to make this year and it comes with great offers!

As winter time and Christmas time is approaching, there is a chance to make colourful gifts to brighten up the snowy and grey winterly days. :]

I have high quality prints in two different formats:

:bulletgreen: A3 (29,7 x 42,0 cm/ 11,7 x 16,5 inch) prints on thick sturdy paper! Each large A3 print is only 6 € ($ 8)

:bulletgreen: A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm/ roughly 8 x 11 inch) matte full bleed prints and some glossy prints. Each A4 print is only 4 € (roughly $ 5)

My special winter/Christmas offer is:

- Early Bird offer! The first ten orders will get a mini sketch of their character for free, if they reach an amount of 15 €!

- Permanent offer for everyone: Buy 4 A3 prints, get 1 free A4 print!

Ordering is simple, please send me a note including the numbers of prints you would like to purchase. The available prints are in the image below, each market ith their individual number.

Shipping costs are not included in the offer.
International shipping is € 8.00 - Europe wide is € 6.50  and Germany is € 4.00

The prints will be packed safely and protected to prevent any damages.




I hope you find something you like <3
Thank you!

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.


Mon Oct 31, 2011, 4:29 AM


have fun today <3

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.

Hey folks!

I got some brilliant news for you, the ones who supported the painting "Secret World":

The Secret World by AlectorFencer

Fox Amoore released his magnificent music album "Feel" as digital download and decided to exclusively include"Secret World" as well as the original album cover by as high resolution files!

I came up with the idea to add the entire progress of the painting from the very first concept to the sketch and several work in progress shots till completion.

The album "Feel" sold out at Eurofurence 17 this year and left a huge impact there.

It's your chance to easily download the wonderful music and all the exclusive high resolution artwork at once here:…

The album includes:

:bulletgreen: 1 x Demo Track.
:bulletgreen: 16 x Tracks all featured on the CD, in a variety of formats from mp3 to FLAC.
:bulletgreen:  2 x Bonus Tracks - The original editions of Waltz of the Spirits and The Shore.
:bulletgreen: 1 x Album artwork cover by Balaa.
:bulletgreen:  Multiple sizes of official Feel wallpaper.
:bulletgreen:  1 x Hi-Res copy of "The Secret World" by AlectorFencer exclusive to this album!
:bulletgreen:  Multiple concepts of "The Secret World" by Alector Fencer exclusive to this album!
:bulletgreen:  A note from Fox Amoore.

Download here:…

Thank you so much for your support! :blowkiss:

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.

My absence.. explained briefly

Wed Oct 19, 2011, 12:05 PM

...because I can't type much since my hand is wrapped up in a wrist support band since it started hurting so badly that I couldn't clutch my pen anymore.

But that is not the reason, it's just a casual information.
I'm working hard on the backgrounds for the comic Red Lantern at the moment. The deadline is near and there are a bunch of huge background paintings to be done still.

I've been boogiing non stop to get all backgrounds done that are still needed for the completion of the first Red Lantern issue.

Something that is aside costructions and indoor shots, I'm working on forets shots right now. ;)
Keep your eyes open for possible submissions. Thanks a lot for your patience; notes will be replied asap.

Red Lantern, the comic can be read here:

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.
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Long and intense...

Wed Aug 31, 2011, 5:46 PM

The title surely doesn't describe what you 'might' think. 8D

Not too long, I wish it would've been longer.

But this is how the amazing Eurofurence went past this year and I'm still trying to rebound from the everlasting Post Con Depression that hit me more than hard. And I must say that this year's Eurofurence was the best I ever experienced so far, because of all the amazing people I got to spend time with and because I often took time to simply roam the convention and not to curl up in the artist alley to miss out on the greatness.

Thanks to simply everyone who came by my table to buy prints, commissions, honey and mead (hope you liked it! I drank half a bottle and was trashed)! <3 I still got plenty of homework to do which is stacked on my table right next to me. I will make sure to make the waiting time justice. :)
Thank you so much for your incredible patience, for your support and for the love.

This EF was the most intense for me as I felt I never got involved into the community so much before. To all the ones, and there were so many, who came by to hug and greet me, to have a short or longer chat, the ones who got to know me in real for the very first time, I'm simply blown away by your kindness and for the huge recognition! Thank you!

The convention comprised many huge and mezmerizing events of which I feel so happy to have either been a small part of or simply for attending to witness what can be realised when there is a great team that works together with all efforts.
I simply must mention the event Bitter Lake that has simply blown me away. I rarely forget to blink so to make sure not miss out one single amazing detail.
The outcoming of the project is worth more the enjoyment you get when you watch the movie and listen to the complement soundtrack composed by FoxAmoore - you can actually see the endeavour and the striking love the entire team put into the project and all I can do here is to congrat all the members of the Bitter Lake team for creating and realising something awesome as this!

Thanks a lot for the inspiration!

Also the Kung Fur Hustle show has knocked my socks off! Not only that the martial arts input was absolutely striking but it also shows how much courtesy Eurofurence has to make such an amazing show that is fully dedicated to Charity. I also got involved a little (for the ones who saw it, it was quite fun XD) plus I had the chance to get to know Jim Martin, who has a tremendously inspiring mind and who always popped up with great ideas and visions.
The world needs more crazy minds that have the power to make it even more colourful.

Another big surprise was the Artshow Manager's Choice ribbon placed above I am Here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the feature. <3
As incomplete as I am, I think the image was, too. I'm soon going out to find a frame that truly suits the original painting. I hope I can carry this image along with me to make a longer and bigger journey soon.

As well as roaming the convention, getting to know wonderful peeps and sometimes having way too many drinks, I got to hang around mostly with FoxAmoore and Osfer to have inspiring ideas that gave me shivers. Thanks a bunch for all the lovely ideas, visions and Amarula. ;3
It can't be any sweeter than every idea and conversation we came up with!
Plus I think I experienced the most epic thunderstorm in front of the hotel with you guys!

And a big thank you to Kebi and Ardent for their endeavour to provide us artists with coffee and breakfast during the Dealer's Den! We surely wouldn't have survived it without you sweethearts! x)

Thanks, Cheetah & Nightfox as well as all the members of staff for yet another striking Eurofurence!

I would make a huge list of icons of all my friends and people I met again/for the very first time, but my time is running out as I need to get my stuff packed for a huge Scotland trip that starts off tomorrow.

I'm actually going to gather real life refs for the comic "Myre" and already collected a bunch of proper equipment to hopefully get out the best of what I see there. My mind will again play tricks on me, seeing the actual characters cross the landscape and playing a real visionary movie in front of my eyes.
More stuff is yet to come! Stay tuned! Stay inspired!

A big thanks to all of you and much love!!! <3<3<3

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.
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ScotiaCon - A Blast!

Thu Jul 21, 2011, 6:59 AM

I'm back now, even though I didn't mention that I was away for a week to have my trip up to Scotland. Time went past so quickly that I didn't get around to mention what amazing journey lays ahead.
I went to attend ScotiaCon, which I must say was a convention of its very own class, familarity, awesomeness, brilliance!
But to make a start before I truly find at least some words to describe my epic journey, let me tell you about the time before I went there, briefly.

I finally got the chance to meet FoxAmoore, the creator of all Myre soundtracks and partner of several music-image collaborations and also great friend of mine.
We spent a couple of days in the Highlands, having amazing walks up a large hill and even a mountain, crawling through masrhlands, sinking feet into soft mossy grounds until we pulled ourselves up amazing massive rocks to the tops to have some absolutely tremendous and amazing views far to the horizon, where even the largest mountains blurred and faded.
I greatly thank Fox for his patience to let me take hundreds of photos of the amazing view and for letting me stick my face against his car window when we drove up North to get deeper into the Highlands. He also accidently got hit my tripod several times and had to put up wrapping and unwrapping my camera and holding tons of equipment for me. X3

I've always felt very attached to Scotland and its craggy landscape and flora. The scottish Highlands are also the inspiration for my comic project "Myre", which is another reason why I was taking so many photos. Every bit of study and view can make one learn about depth, distance and especially light.
What I've noticed is that everyone I met in Scotland, even strangers who passed me, were friendly and greeting. It felt almost like a small and friendly community, a small village surrounded by tremendous, rough and smooth mountains. Words cannot describe how amazed and mesmorized I was to see the Highlands again, this time, with different eyes.

After the first part of my journey, the amazing walks and the loads of scottish fudge that made my tongue go fuzzy, Fox and I headed further up north to Inverness to ScotiaCon.
By the very first step I took to enter the location I already felt this was going to be an amazing con.
We were welcomed by so many lovely people, got loads of drinks spent and had a beautiful and funny introduction to the location and people.

The location itself is a very cozy hotel with a lot of space to roam, a lot of meeting areas and lounges, a large bar with even more comfy seating-acommondations. The disco/sig/performance space in the cellar/lower part of the hotel even has its own bar (probably to make sure that we were always at the source of happiness). ;3
The hotel staff was surprisingly courteous and welcoming. They seemed to like being involved in the whole thing and were always open for a smile.
I loved the location as one side of the hotel opened the view to the Highlands and a river and the other side directly lead into the old town of Inverness. All in all, it was a very lovely and picturesque location that I already miss a lot.

But what is a con without all the amazing people?
I must say that ScotiaCon has some tremendously amazing members of staff and chairman to show up with. All the hard work they put in to make stones rolling and to make the first Scottish convention take place was truly visible and noticable.
I also must thank smirnoff for his ability to cope with my tons of notes and mails about artwork, pinkyfox for her dedication to simply everything and also a big thank you to the rest of the staff of ScotiaCon. It was amazing to have met you and had a chance talking to you.

Most of all, I want to thank everyone who made it possible for me to attend ScotiaCon! I don't know how to thank you but my thoughts are with you!

Of course I met and hang around with a bunch of lovely chaps, too. You were all so amazing friendly and day brightening. Unfortunately I am very bad with names, otherwise I would have listed all your names down here. But maybe you show up with a comment here and I shall remember them a lot better. :3
Going among people, getting involved, making friends and having fun is always something that fascinated me about furry conventions.
Also, thank you very much again for buying my prints and my original artwork. I appreciate your support a lot and will always try to provide paintings to look at.
Also thank you FoxAmoore for spending time with me and providing me with his amazing music at the Dealers Den.

The Furvision Song Contest was amazing as well as the jam between FoxAmoore, Wolferyiff and greskil-vulfhart. Yer all so talented! It was such a blast!

For a very first run of SC, I must give this a high score simply because everything was perfect. Really, give ScotiaCon a try next year and you will see that none of my words are exaggeration. I'm still fighting PCD, especially after I passed the customs in Germany that didn't greet me, not even smiled at me. -.-

I really miss you guys, thank you ever so much for the great time, for the support...and all the drinks! XD There is a chance of 100% that you see my felty hair again next year!
If you attend next year, try the drink now officially known as "Alector" among the hotel staff. XD
It's Guinness and a shot of finest Port. ;D

Much love and hugs!

If you're interested in attending ScotiaCon next year, feel free to follow wallacesc  wallacesc for updates and information!

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When stones start rolling

Wed May 25, 2011, 12:30 AM

I wish I was more active here and be able to dedicate more time to the community and to my friends. The comments and compliments underneath the paintings I submit are always such a delightful glimpse that I won't be forgotten, even though I barely write...

I shouldn't make a resumée of the year in the middle of it, but it has already been so busy and it will stay that way until  I completed and reached everything I wanted.
Since exactly January 1st, I had a full list of commissioned work, project work (I'm the background painter for the comic project called "Red Lantern" -->… ) and a fight with my corrupt health insurance.

Everything is still going on but things have changed, especially because I received an infinite amount of help and support of my ever so worthy friends and people of the community, my watchers. The insurance company is continuously trying to empty my pockets but I shut down and bombarde them with claims and appeals.

We have reached a lot so that a massive part of the huge amount which they claim got reduced to almost the half and the monthly fee got reduced to a bearable minimum.
I'm also now officially an "artist" with my admission to the social society for artists in Germany. It took them half a year to check my applications and I struggled exactly half a year and got stripped naked by the money sucking health insurance.

This case is now in its final spurt and I hope it will finally get solved as I would so love to breathe in again and enjoy life as it is, without to worry what could be laying in the letter box the next day.

I would also finally push the stones downhill so they can start rolling.
I want to work on my project "Myre" so badly as the massive scale of it wants to burst my head and flow on paper.  It will though happen one day, maybe soon. I won't announce the beginning but when I'm into it. ;]

But something else. I feel totally great! I'm not whining as much as it seems, I just barely upate everything that's going on. x)

For the ones who like and appreciate the concepts and hints to the story of "Myre" so far, there is now a second music piece of the official soundtrack, done by Fox Amoore which you can listen to here:…

I'm going to announce some great event in the following days. I just need to get something ready for that.

Thanks a bunch for your support! Loads of kisses. <3

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Back from MMC

Fri May 6, 2011, 2:16 AM

I'm back and alive from MMC. It was yet again a beautiful con with loads of awesome people! I already can't wait for next year. ;D

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Off to Mephit Mini Con

Wed Apr 27, 2011, 10:28 PM

It's really early in the morning and I've been up for at least an hour to pack my stuff. :iconkebijackal: and I are heading to MMC now. ;)
I will be back on Sunday!

I hope to see you there. ^^

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