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Submitted on
December 15, 2010



I thought I want to dedicate a journal for this special gift that was given to me a couple of days ago, by two wonderful talented artists wo realised a dream that I always wanted to become reality.
Ever since I found out that music supports my dreams and make pictures and visions move, it has become one of the most important things in my life. I listened to music to flee from reality, I listened to it when I felt great, sad, angry, and I build up daydreams with music. If I don't listen to music, I whistle or I listen to the music that plays in my head.

I can play a couple of instruments yet I'm not much of a musician nor could I ever play a proper music pice I think.

This is what other great talents are for, the ones who are blessed with music and who are able to create it.
Ever since I played dreams in my head when I listened to music, I could see my characters and stories move along and I always wished to have something for my own that is dedicated to my characters, to the stories I write and to the pictures I create!

And this really has become reality a couple of days ago.

I want to feature Foxamoore and foxcall for their utter talent, love and passion which they both have to create music.
Foxcall made the wonderful violin play that accompanies with the soundtrack that Foxamoore composed.

They both gave me something wonderful of what I'm still in loss of words, namely in making the theme of "Myre".
I will do my best to get this story started by the middle of next year. Since there is real music that describes the tales of Myre, things are settled for me. It must be done.


And if you're on FurAffinity and don't watch Foxamoore do it now!

Thanks a lot! <3
I still dunno what else to say except thank you.

The official title image for the music piece is below:

Through the lands by AlectorFencer

Header image done by the wonderful Balaa.
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It's wonderful!! :wow:
All praise to those wonderful artist who made this :worship:
Aw I'm sure they will be really happy about this. <3
They have all the right to be. :heart:
leafoflov3 Dec 15, 2010  Student Interface Designer
Woah~ This song is so wonderful ^^ The music is like a long story of an amazing adventure (I just started to dream about it!)~ I'm so glad and happy that your dream came true~
And i'm the same - Everything that I create and dream is while I listen music ^^ Every song have its story, we just have to imagine it ;D ~
O a fellow dreamer. ^^
I was so amazed by the theme because it describes the story so well, that I couldn't sleep three days long. xD
leafoflov3 Dec 15, 2010  Student Interface Designer
Well like we dream so colorful while we listen music (I love soundtrack music) maybe the music creators feel the same way while they see a picture or read/ view a story~
It's really amazing to have a song made special for you based on your works and etc~ Aww ^.^ Congratz!!! <3

Anyway if you are interested at more music of that kind - "Immediate Music" are making wonderful epic songs, also Harry Gregson Williams and etc ^_^
sometimes when I see a really good picture, I go looking through my iTunes library for a song that matches the picture. Music is a must in my life cause it expresses what I'm feeling and the outlook I have at the time. When someone draws, let's say, HTTYD fan art, they need to be listening to the soundtrack to help set their minds in the right mindset. Some times I wish I could make music like they do, it speaks to people on such a deep level that words just aren't a good medium an sound is the closest we can get to truly hearing what is in their hearts.
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